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Our team

MDDr. Ema Chovancová – chief physician focusing on conservative, restorative dentistry and prosthetics.

MUDr. Ivan Zolárek – dental surgeon specializing in periodontology, dental surgery and implants

BC. Jana Bartošová – dental hygienist

DentVita tým

dental office

The name DentVita is not just a random name. In Italian it means „life“ and that’s exactly what we are. Dentistry is not just a job for us but it is a part of our lives.

Our dental office, which holds the Swiss Dental Care certification, has been located in the heart of Vinohrady for more than 20 years. During that time, we have treated hundreds of patients and we will continue this tradition under the new guidance of young and experienced doctors who are fulfilling their lifelong dream.

Office hours

Monday – Friday: 08:00 to 16:00

Dental office: building G – ground floor

Parking: place 244 – 245

Approximate price list of dental procedures

Before we determine the exact price of the dental procedure it is necessary to perform an initial examination of the teeth of each patient.

First time complex examination – 1500 CZK

Consultations – 600 CZK

Intraoral x-ray – 250 CZK

Local anesthesia – from 250 CZK

Composite filling according to the range – from 1880 CZK

Fee for an unexcused appointment – 600 CZK

Dental hygiene – 1200 – 1500 CZK

Depigmentation Air flow – 800 CZK

Phillips ZOOM – Office teeth whitening – 6950 CZK

Home teeth whitening –  4950 CZK

Combined bleaching – office + home – 9900 CZK

Endodontic treatment of root canals – first phase – one root canal – 1400 CZK

Each additional root canal – 1100 CZK

Filling of root canals – second phase – one root canal – 1200 CZK

Each additional root canal – 990 CZK

Reendodontic treatment – one root cannal – from 1500 CZK

All-ceramic crown – 9500 CZK

Metal-ceramic crown – 8000 CZK

Temporary crown – from 700 CZK

Implant crown – from CZK 14,000

Aesthetic ceramic veneer – 10 000 CZK

FRC post – 900 CZK

Partial removable denture – from 5500 CZK

Partial removable flexite / deflex denture – from CZK 8,500

Simple tooth extraction – 1200 CZK

Surgical extraction of the wisdom tooth – 3000 CZK

Camlog dental implant – CZK 18,500

Alpha Bio dental implant – CZK 14,500


""In one word, AMAZING! I had a crown made with Dr. Chovancová and I am very satisfied with her work. I admire her maximum precision at work and a pleasant demeanor."
David Heczko
Dr. Chovancová is great, the examination was absolutely fine and I am satisfied with the overall approach. I definitely recommend her!"
Anja Kapular
"I can only recommend Dr. Ivan Zolárek. He will explain everything, the procedure is always painless. A pleasant homely environment and a very nice nurse. :)"
Tomáš Bureš​

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Phone and e-mail

Mobile phone : +420 724 042 031
Phone: +420 272 730 730


Korunní 810/104, building G
Praha 10 - Vinohrady

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